How to download MFPS.

Information about MFPS
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To download updates of MFPS, you must be in the group of "Contributors", this way you will be able to see the Topic "Updates" (if you are not in the group you could not see).

Privileges Contributor:
All members of the group "Contributor", are entitled to:

-Download MFPS Kit.
-Download the latest updates MFPS.
-Receive staff assistance, MFPS.
-Knowing before others about new updates.

How enter the Contributors group?
-For join to Contrubitor group and can download MFPS you need purchase MFPS.

- For people who bought before the MFPS kit, they can be in this group.
if you bought MFPS on Asset Store or ChupaMobile and want to join the group, send the Invoice No. of the purchase in a PM.
How to find your Invoice Number: Here
How to find your Order Number: Here