423 Errors in version 1.7.5

Report errors found in any assets.
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I haven't touched unity in a while, and decided to go right back in. I tried using the newest version, but it just didn't work, it gave me a bunch of errors so i had do move to a older unity version, and a older MFPS 2 version.
When i click play the button works, and upon looking in the console I get these errors.
And here what looks like when i click on anything that has a script attached to it
I have installed PUN 2, but didn't get the wizard, and there isn't anything in the window tab relating to PUN 2.
Thank you.
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I'll need your MFPS purchase invoice number in a Private Message to assist you with this.
How to find your Invoice Number: Here
How to find your Order Number: Here
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