SteamVR/Oculus Integration

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I really want to be able to port this to a VR game as well. I am interested for SteamVR as well as Oculus Rift/Quest.

The idea is that the menu can stay the same as it is and you can select stuff with a pointer, however when In-game - you should be able to interact with the weapons and the environment more.

What I need for VR in regards to the in-game play is:

Inventory system:
- Where player can attach his guns, so he can switch between them (PavlovVR/Onward for example)
Weapons system:
- In order to reload a weapon you will need to manually remove the magazine and reach from your inventory to get a new one
- After you put a new magazine to the weapon - depending on the weapon in hand, you will need to load it accordingly (life like)
Mini Map system:
- The mini Map as well as the menu for the game should be accessible by pressing the menu button on the controller (HTC Vive)

If anyone can do this, please contact me and tell me how much something like this is gonna cost me?
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