Single player mode for MFPS?

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Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:25 am

Ok so I have been trying to figure this out for a while and have had no luck. Maybe someone here can tell me what I am missing. PLEASE!

I am creating a Multiplayer game with different game modes (Survival, Challenge, Multiplayer and Battle Royale)
Survival and challenge modes will be single player modes. i have purchased the store add-on for MFPS and want to use the same player through out all modes. When purchasing weapon skins and character skins through the store i want them to be usable throughout all game modes.

1. I want to have a story mode that allows the player to progress through levels and be able to unlock weapon skins new characters and weapon attachments that can be used during multiplayer.

2. I want the same character that is used for story mode to be used as the players multiplayer character. I will also be adding battle royals which I already have the game mode but want the character to be used for it as well.

The issues that I've ran into so far is i can not load the player into a scene without it being multiplayer and creating the button to that will load a 1v1 map scene. If any one can explain this to me and help me to make this happen, I will be greatly appreciative. Thank you in advance.
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