Support for MFPS 2.0
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I m trying to synchronize the
webgl-, standalone- and android-versions
of my project.

(mh, I'm working with three different Versions of the Unity-Editor (Android/Standalone/Webgl) for the same project
- this is better than one Version and to compile and export it in the same unity editor)

But somehow, if I open a Room in the webgl or standalone Exports
it does not apear in the mobile Room-List.

Android-Rooms created in the android-editor do apear in my exported android Game,
but I m asking myself:

1.) Is it even possible to connect an android- level with the other export-versions?
(I d like to offer a chat-system working with every version to my visitors/customers)

2.) If so, which files have to be the same in every project?

What I mean is:
Of course the Photon ID and the Photon Chat-ID have to be the same.
Also the room architecure. (?)

But, to test different models and settings,
I changed some things in the resources-folder (model/camera-height for example)
must the resources-folder-files be exactly the same with every version
to make my level work on every version and on my smartphone?
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As you said, the Photon App ID's have two be the same for all your projects in order to share the room list,
apart from that, the only thing that has to be the same is the 'Game Version' value, you set this in the GameData -> Game Version

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if you stumble upon the same problem,
(- because you are using mfps 2.0,
as it is the best unity-multiplayer-solution on the market,
- and he, I checked all the others...)
so if you use MFPS 2.0
to synchonize different export-versions
(-> android/webgl/standalone)
I would recommend:

1.) Create three different Editor Versions.
(better for optimization and all the specific platform stuff...)

2.) Of Course you need the same Photon IDs

3.) And!
It is important to use the exact same Photon Version.
(2.27 does not work together with 2.28)
(took me some days to find out)

My Settings (that work):
MFPS 2.0 1.75
Photon 2.28.3
Webgl+ Standalone: Unity 2020.3.6f1
Android: 2021.1.0f1

Didn t use the newest Photon Version, as
I couldn t find a settings-folder
- and I m always suspicious with updates...
(if a system works)
(So I don t know if the newest version works with MFPS 2.0)
a settings-file is comfortable to simply
copy the photon-ID-settings from one version to another

I didn t find older versions of photon anywhere
(2.27) also not in the package manager,
but copying an older backup-photon folder
into your project does work, and it s eaysier then
using the package manager

So finally my multiplayer-project runs
- on my Handy, on my PC and in the Browser -
... a small step, for a little unknown game developer....

thx a lot,
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Very helpful Checklist:

Photon Matchmaking Guide
https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/pun/ ... _checklist
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