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Hello! :D

I have a few questions.

1 - How do i get what the guns bullet hits

2 - Why dosen't my gun show up in the player?

3 - How do i get how many kills the player has if it is possible?
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1. Check bl_Bullet.cs -> OnHit(), there you can get what the bullets hit with the Raycast 'hit', e.g: hit.transform = the transform that the bullet hit.

2. Please elaborate, tell me the scenario when this happens, do you receive any log when this happens?, is that you own added weapon?,
does it happens in all player prefabs?...

3. You can get the kills count of any player with: Player.GetKills()
where 'Player' is a reference to the Photon Player, e.g, if you want to get the kills of the local player:

Code: Select all

        int kills = bl_PhotonNetwork.LocalPlayer.GetKills();
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