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[center]Here is a video of several bugs I've found[/center][/b]
List of bugs:
SSAO - Might just be my map
FPS counter ON when not checked
Desynchronization between clients
Game time off
Animations bugged
Scope Art
Can't pick up ammo that you throw out
Spelling "I fixed most of them"
Those are the only bugs I've personally have found. If anybody else has some please list them below.
Thanks -Rin
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Thanks for this useful info, I will fix some of these due others are not "bug"
-SSAO problem is with the texture of your map.
-Error with sniper animation, this will not happen in animation created in a external program, this is due the animations are created in Unity and no all bones are assigned in the animation clip.

Thanks for that and if you can pass me the list of wrong spelling for fix it will be perfect.

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